We See You Edition – Uncover Cops Catching Distracted Drivers

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July 31, 2015


We See You Edition – Uncover Cops Catching Distracted Drivers



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Everyone knows I am against distracted driving, especially texting and driving. No ifs, ands or buts. But I do not agree with the Marietta, Georgia police department’s new method of ending distracted driving: dressing up as road crew workers and peering into car windows to catch drivers looking at their cell phones. http://gizmodo.com/cops-pose-as-road-workers-to-catch-drivers-checking-the-1721148554.


There used to be this place. And in this place, people were presumed innocent until proven guilty. I miss that place. I wonder what ever happened to it, because it certainly isn’t here in America any longer. This is exactly what is wrong with government and law enforcement in this country. Dressing up as construction workers to catch people looking at their phone and driving is not the act of an agency committed to the protection of innocent citizens. This is a law enforcement agency believing that all citizens are guilty until proven otherwise and the law enforcement agency is going to catch those citizens in the act.


And of course, as with all things governmental these days, there is a fine associated with being caught looking at your phone by a law enforcement officer dressed as a construction worker. Yes you read that right. Even looking at your phone is a crime it seems. Doing so will cost you $150.


Is the Marietta police department really looking out for the local citizenry’s safety? Or is this a cheap way to make money off the driving population of the area? Given the crime statistics of Marietta, I am going to say this is the former and not the latter. But this is a common tale. In cities both large and small where police should be protecting law-abiding citizens from violent criminals, law enforcement tends to enforce laws that net them money. Strange how that works isn’t it?


Let me be clear. I am not saying distracted driving is alright and shouldn’t be punished. But I am absolutely against law enforcement officers disguising themselves as something else, in this case, road construction workers, to catch people driving while distracted.


Police go undercover to catch racketeers, gang members, drug dealers, robbers, all sorts of real, dangerous criminals. Does this agency truly believe that it must go to those lengths to catch distracted driving offenders? Are there that many fatalities in Marietta that police are forced to go undercover to stop these criminal drivers? Have ordinary citizens who might happen to look at their GPS on the phone at a stop light become just as deserving—perhaps more—of law enforcement attention for their heinous crime while other criminals continue to rob, rape, and infect our streets with drugs? REALLY?


But what do you think?


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My Final Thought:


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But what do you think?


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–Lauren Fix

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