Too Much Cool Stuff or Shut Up and Take My Money Edition

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July 17, 2015


Too Much Cool Stuff Edition


Shut Up And Take My Money Edition


Zombie 222

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There’s some very cool vehicle news in the automotive world this week that maybe you should be aware of.


First off, I admit it. I am not an EV fan. We know this. Regardless of my EV stance, though, this is still one terrific car: The Blood Shed Motors’ Zombie 222. I mentioned this in a final thought blog post some time ago, now you can see it in action:


OK, OK. There isn’t a muscle car growl. But the horsepower. The speed. All funded by Kickstarter? Yep. This is a must watch.


And then there is this: The new Dodge Viper ACR. Is it the quietest or most cushy ride available? No. Probably not. But speed. And lots of it. And the sound of that engine. Just listen. My favorite quote in this video is this, “Let’s stop pretending that the Viper is the least bit civilized.” Sometimes you just want a loud beast on the track. The Viper ACR could be that beast, for a $121,000 starting price.


Or this: an entry-level, turbo-charged Audi R8. Let me say that again. An entry-level, turbo-charged R-8. According to this,, one of the challenges Audi R8 sales face is a lower-priced smaller engine model. A rumored turbocharged R8 would fit that bill. Of course this model might be down the road a year or so. But still. I wouldn’t mind getting behind its wheel and taking it for a spin around a track because, well, it’s a turbocharged R8.


And lastly there is this: Shelby is producing fifty new Daytona Coupes in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Carroll Shelby’s FIA win in 1965. Only 6 Daytonas were built then so owning one is nearly impossible from the low number of cars produced and the exorbitant prices—usually in the millions of dollars. For mere hundreds of thousands, collectors and racers can have either an aluminum model or fiberglass Daytona Coupe. The models will be revealed on August 12 at Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival and will be on display at Laguna Seca. Even if you don’t have the $179,995 for the fiberglass, or $349,995 for the aluminum frame just lying around, definitely go check them out.


But what do you think?


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My Final Thought:


Want to know what equality looks like? When a high-priced Ferrari has a safety recall for Takata airbags.


Now, of course, I’m being a little flippant, but it’s the weekend and we should laugh a little. Still the recall, while not as dangerous as the massive recall “regular” cars are facing, is a recall. If you own a Ferrari, get it checked out, same as if it was a Ford.



But what do you think?


Post your comments!


Love Your Car! See you next week!


–Lauren Fix




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