Ditch Your Dirties Edition – New California Law

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April 8, 2016


Ditch Your Dirties Edition – New California Law


Ditch Your Dirties Edition - New California Law

California wants you to ditch your dirty cars. Again:

In its effort to establish (read: impose) its Green Utopian Alternate Universe on everyone, California lawmakers introduced a new California law called “Assembly Bill 165” back in February. This is a proposed expansion of the “Cash-For-Clunkers” program. The gist is that residents turn in their “old, dirty” cars and get either $1,000 or $1,500 in return depending on their income bracket. This is stupid on a monumental scale. And here’s why…

First, can someone tell me what the definition of “old, dirty” car is? Right now, no model years have been given. We only know that the cars are old and dirty. This is typical logic of The Left. Great big idea with no real oversight or knowledgeable assessments driving a definite “solution” just, well, ideas. Most of the old and dirty cars California lawmakers are afraid of aren’t on the road very much. Sorry California, they just aren’t. IHS Automotive consultants figure that the average age of cars on the road is about 11.5 years. That would put most old cars in the 2004-2005 model year. Most cars were pretty fuel efficient by then.

Second, this law assumes that not only middle class but especially lower-income vehicle owners will benefit and be eligible for the program. Okay, so we want to get old vehicles off the road and we presume mostly lower-income families will use the program. Then what? These lower-income families will need to incur more debt on a newer, greener car? How does this help the people again?

Third, how does this help people and the environment, really? California isn’t exactly flush with cash these days and yet they are giving more and more money away. First they give rebates and tax breaks to encourage people with any economic means to buy a pricey hybrid or electric car. Then, the state wants to give money away to encourage people to get rid of combustion engine vehicles in order to buy newer (read: more expensive) gasoline engine vehicles. These people are priced out of actual “green vehicles” by the way. And so with all things governmental, we must ask: “What the heck?!”

Fourth, the federal program that California’s program is modeled after wasn’t a success. The federal government spent $3 billion, which means it cost taxpayers $3 billion, on an ineffective program that was a job and industry saving initiative. It failed. I’ll say it again: the original program wasn’t a green initiative program. It was a job and industry saving initiative. And it didn’t save jobs and it did real harm to the auto industry to the tune of $3 billion dollars. So, there’s that.

Honestly, we could do this all day. If you live in California, tell your legislators to vote this down. It’s just another pipe dream that won’t do any measurable or lasting good.

But what do you think?

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My Final Thought:

This was an avoidable tragedy:
A Texas teen was killed in a Honda equipped with a Takata airbag.

The vehicle was under recall. Five notices were mailed. None were acted on. Folks, get your recalls taken care of.

And lastly, this:
Norwegian Cruise Lines have announced that its next liner will have a two-level race track for go-karts. It looks like a cruise is in my future!

Post your comments at http://www.laurenfix.com/car-coach-report/

Love Your Car! See you next week!

–Lauren Fix

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