Too Commercial? Edition – Auto-Related Super Bowl Ads

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February 5, 2016


Too Commercial? Edition – Auto-Related Super Bowl Ads


Auto-Related Super Bowl Ads
Image courtesy of Kia


Folks, it’s Super Bowl weekend. That may hold little or much significance for you. Whether you enjoy football or are indifferent, the Super Bowl ads are almost usually the talk of the game. Here are some of the unedited auto-related ads that have been released.

Kia’s Walken Closet where the bottom line is this: “Do you wanna be a, you know, a Beige sock?”

Here is Mini’s Clubman offering that is well done with #DefyLabels:

Hyundai went ALL out this year in the celeb game, too, to tout its tech. Town of Ryan Reynolds(s):

Hyundai also has a Kevin Hart spot:

And Hyundai’s bear chase spot showcases the technology:

Great music and great moments. Consumers can also blast off with Audi’s 205mph R8 V10 Plus:

One of my favorites, Honda’s Ridgeline teaches sheep to sing to Queen:

Out of this bunch, I have to say, The Walken Closet is my favorite followed by the R8. Because speed. But, I think that the 2012 Star Wars Volkswagen commercial is still one of the best Super Bowl Ads:

But what do you think? Have a better automotive Super Bowl commercial to share?

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Honda: Honda is recalling more than 2 million MORE vehicles for Takata inflators. Expect notifications in the early summer.

Mazda: Mazda is adding 19,000 more vehicles to its Takata inflator recall for model years 2004-2006 B-series trucks.

Toyota/Lexus: Toyota and Lexus are recalling vehicles for inadvertent airbag deployment. Toyota is recalling 32,000 vehicles. Look out for a notification in your mail box.

And this just in… Continental claims 5 million vehicles worldwide may have faulty airbags:





My Final Thought(s):


1.) Let’s have a moment of silence for the passing of a young brand. Scion is dead. And Toyota killed it.

Scion was supposed to be the youthful, fun division of Toyota. And the first generation xB was proof of Scion’s edgy spirit. We had such hope. And then, through (criminal?) neglect, Scion wasted away. Toyota, in furtherance of its Beige-ness will absorb and rebadge the models. You died way too young and didn’t have nearly enough time, Scion.

2.) How you doin’ Top Gear?! “Friends” Alumni Joey—fine, Matt LeBlanc—is joining the cast of TopGear:
This could be great news for the show and for Matt LeBlanc who loves cars and driving. In fact, the clip above shows him in the “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” segment where he posted the fastest—and unbeaten—drive time on the show.

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Love Your Car! See you next week!

–Lauren Fix

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