Roadside Emergency Safety Kit


SOLD OUT! Looking for a great automotive gift? Instead, we recommend…the Bag Fix™!


Many people are confused when it comes to getting an emergency kit that works for their lifestyle. Lauren Fix’s new emergency kit has what drivers need and a few extra bonus items too. A bright orange bag that is compact and easy to store carries 55 needed items for most road side emergencies. The first aid kit detaches from the bags for glove box storage if desired. Lauren adds a Car Care Guide that answers most of the how’s and why’s of car parts and where and when to get them replaced, PLUS a LED light source that is safer than a flare as a bonus.

Makes a great gift!

Emergency Road Kit, 55 Piece, Includes:

(1) 8 Ft, 10 ga. Booster Cable, (1) 2-In-1 Screwdriver, (10) Cable Ties, (2) Cloth Gloves, (1) Flashlight, (2) D Batteries, (1) Help Sign, (1) 24 In Tie Down, (1) Rain Poncho, (33 Piece) First Aid Kit, (1) Emergency Document Form and (1) Carry Bag

PLUS a Car Care Guide

AND The FlareAlert™ a battery operated electronic safety flare visible for miles from both the ground and air.

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