U-Scan: Scan it Yourself

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By Chris Jagielski


With most of the U.S. population carrying smart-phones, such as an iPhone or Android device, we have access to millions of applications, now including the U-Scan Vehicle Diagnostics application.

The U-Scan app allows users to “read” their car with a diagnostics adapter, manufactured by Actron. The user plugs this adapter (purchased from any automotive store) into the OBD II port in his vehicle, and then registers the adapter to the app on his phone. Once everything is set up, the user is able to check the emissions information, ABS codes, powertrain data, RPMs, oxygen sensors, and even coolant temperatures as part of the 300 plus sensors available for reading. So, if there is a severe problem with your vehicle, this application will let you know before you start wasting hundreds of dollars on a mechanic.

This application also records logs and charts of each scan, so the user will have past information to compare and contrast how their vehicle is running, and what actions they must complete to maintain a certain status. If users are feeling socially inclined to post/share their information, users are able to take screen shots and post it to Facebook or email.

The adapter works with any vehicle from 1996 and on, although it will only automatically identify models from 2000 and higher. Otherwise, you just manually plug in your year, make, and model.

After doing extensive research on this product, it is definitely an item I will pickup sometime during the week and test on my vehicle. This is a great item for consumers, but it may not be so good for mechanics, as it has potential to give users what a mechanic can tell them, but for free. If you frequently choose the DIY route when it comes to your vehicle, this is the app/tool for you.

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