SYLVANIA SilverStar Ultra Headlight Bulbs

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Product Review: Sylvania Silver Star Ultra Headlight Bulbs

When night falls, you need to see where you’re driving so get the brightest and whitest lights you can find.  I tested the Sylvania Silver Star Ultra Headlight bulbs.  They were quite impressive, they were up to 50% brighter, with up to 40% more downroad visibility and up to 50% more side road visibility.

SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs were the brightest bulbs I’ve ever tested.  Many of us don’t know that headlights dim over time by 20% or more and replacing them can do more than increase your lighting performance – it can save your life. 80% of driving decisions are based on visibility – make sure you can see where you’re going.  Find the right bulb for your vehicle through their new iPhone app or at

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