Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant & Lubricant

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Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant & Lubricant

Powered by FlashSight™ Technology

Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant & Lubricant

Product #LED411


Liquid Wrench

by Race Car Driver Paul Fix II



Don’t be mistaken by the new packaging, Liquid Wrench is as good as it has ever been.


As a kid I was often looking for that iconic yellow can of penetrating oil that my Mother asked me to retrieve from the workbench to oil a door hinge or a drawer slide in the kitchen. Or getting it for my Dad when he needed help with a stuck bolt while working on cars. Liquid Wrench has been, and still is, the penetrating oil that I still rely on today, just like my parents and grandparents did.


Liquid Wrench now has FlashSight™ Technology- a built-in LED so you don’t have the hassle of holding an additional flashlight. This product is efficient, fast-acting, penetrates corrosion, displaces moisture, loosens old rusted parts and stops those annoying squeaks. And for safety, the “OFF” position will lock the spray preventing any accidents.


When I go to the hardware store I’m buying Liquid Wrench; something that has proven to work through generations.


Here are the top features and uses found directly from the Liquid Wrench website:



  • Penetrant, lubricant & LED light in one.
  • FlashSight™ Technology built-in LED for added visibility & accuracy.
  • 2 spray options – with or without straw.
  • Comfort grip actuator button for easy spraying and less finger fatigue.
  • Pro-grade, anti-seize formula.
  • Ultra-fast rust penetration plus long-lasting lubrication.
  • Breaks down built-up rust & cuts through tough grease.
  • Corrosion protection on all metals including copper, brass & bronze.
  • Zero VOC.


Top Uses

  • Low light areas
  • Nuts, bolts & locks
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Hinges & other metal pivot points
  • Ignition & electrical wires
  • Fans & blowers
  • Pipe fittings



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