Lauren Fix and Fashion: Eco-friendly Couture

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Lauren Fix and Fashion:

Eco-friendly couture can be sexy


Lauren Fix is more than just a car-care guru; her numerous television and news appearances have recently thrust her into the world of fashion. Lauren’s unique Car-Ma jewelry line, made from real car-parts, is quickly taking off. Likewise, Lauren’s eye for clean and innovative design has brought another passionate entrepreneur, Kael Robison, to her attention.

What do you get when a young woman’s passion for world travel, dedication to the environment, and eye for fashion are woven together? A thriving grass-roots couture company called ecoboom, which offers a fashionable way to make a world of difference.

From eco-friendly couture to bracelets that carry a 200-year-old tradition of wishing upon a knot, the inspiration behind Kael Robinson’s unique line of clothing and jewelry comes from the land and the unique beliefs of the people who inhabit it. Given this, it’s fitting that many of the charities with which Robinson’s ecoboom has partnered aid regions where Kael has visited and been inspired by.

For example, ecoboom uses low-impact dyes as well as pesticide-free and sustainable fabrics (such as hemp, silk, soy, wool and organic cotton) for its show-stopping designs.  Furthermore, ecoboom has a corporate mandate to promote and contribute to preserving Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. Wearing ecoboom means that a percentage of your purchase goes directly towards Plant A Billion, an organization dedicated to planting at least one billion trees in the Atlantic Forest – currently the most endangered forest in Brazil.

This is not the first time Ms. Robinson has successfully merged fashion with “green”. Her flagship Brazilian product Brazilets is imported from Brazil, sold worldwide, and contributes money back to help preserve Brazilian Amazonian forests. Previous to her venture with Brazilets she has worked in fashion with companies such as Vera Wang, Sara Campbell and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Lauren Fix’s similar dedication to improving the environment and finding alternative fuels helped “fuel” her decision to introduce Robinson’s incredible designs to her readers. Take a minute to check out her site and show your support for a impressive and conscientious designer!

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