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Winter weather has already begun to hit many states across the U.S. and as temperatures drop, drivers may experience failing car batteries, frozen fuel lines and other vehicle mishaps due to the cold. Since batteries serve as the power source for vehicles, it’s imperative to take care of them to ensure they continue performing at a high level. To help make sure your car battery is performing at its best before the worst of winter hits, Batteries Plus Bulbs is offering customers FREE, no-appointment necessary, car battery and system tests.

The best part about their FREE battery testing service? From now through Dec. 14, if you come in for the free car battery test, you’ll be entered for a chance to win free Duracell® Ultra Premium Gold flooded car batteries with free installation and system checks over your car’s lifetime.

When testing your car battery and performing a system check, a Batteries Plus Bulbs trained associate will also conduct a visual inspection of the battery to address common problems such as corrosion, poor connectors and failed hold-downs that can affect performance, especially during extreme temperatures. Should the battery need to be replaced, the experts at Batteries Plus Bulbs will recommend the right battery for your car, truck, luxury or import automobile and provide free installation on most makes and models, while you wait.

Click here for all the details on the sweepstakes!

Stores also offer access to a full line of car battery accessories including:

  • Jumper cables
  • Jump starters and Jump packs
  • Battery chargers and maintainers
  • Hold-downs
  • Cable-end replacements and wire
  • Quick disconnects
  • Battery boxes
  • Anti-corrosion rings and spray, and more

Batteries Plus Bulbs has a nationwide network of over 630 stores to help you with all of your car battery, light bulb, and related product and service needs. To find the closest Batteries Bulbs to you, click here for a convenient store locator!


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