Five Ways to Avoid Traffic this Memorial Day

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For Immediate Release
Jarrod Holland


The Car Coach Lauren Fix Highlights Some Exceptional Gizmos and Tips to
Circumvent Traveling Frustration


Buffalo, NY (May 12, 2010)—Millions of drivers will hit the roads this Memorial Day causing accidents, traffic, gridlock, road rage, and a sea of brake lights as far as the eye can see.  While this is generally an expected and accepted rule of thumb for holiday traveling, it doesn’t have to be.
The Car Coach Lauren Fix has researched the latest gizmos and provides the following tips for drivers to avoid traffic.  She is available for in-studio interviews where she can demonstrate these devices and talk about methods for alleviating travel aggravation:

1. The Aha iPhone app:

Aha Mobile built the first driver-to-driver network that connects drivers to each other and to relevant information from the Internet.  Drivers can warn each other of impending traffic and accidents and even provide the time it takes to get through a congested area.  You can also record and share your own personal traffic reports to help those around you, or listen to a customized traffic channel on the roads you travel.

2. AAA Triptiks: 

This old-fashioned method is one of the most overlooked means of traffic avoidance.  A simple trip to your local AAA office can save a ton of time during your travels.  They will print out a small booklet for you outlining direct and alternative routes to and from your destination, allowing for bypassing traffic as you approach it.

3. XM NavTraffic: 

By enhancing your vehicle’s navigation system with the ability to see live traffic information, you can pinpoint traffic incidents, determine average traffic speed and estimate travel time along your route.

4. Time Your Trip:

Believe it or not, most road travelers overlook the simple traffic avoidance method of driving at night.  Leaving just a few hours earlier while it’s still dark can save an exponential amount of time.  Just make sure to head to bed early the night before!

5. Reroute Your GPS:

Most in-car and aftermarket GPS units can be rerouted to avoid major interstates yet relatively few drivers utilize this feature.  You would be surprised how many empty rural roads exist parallel to major highways.  For example, did you know there is a rural highway that stretches from northern Delaware to Southern North Carolina and travels parallel to Interstate 95?  It has a high speed limit and very few travelers use it.

About Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix, “the Car Coach®,” is a nationally recognized TV Automotive Expert and an authority on consumer issues such as: new and used cars and trucks, automotive car care, driving skills, and repair and safety issues. Lauren has been a strong part of the automotive industry all her life and is a trophy winning racecar driver!
From sales to marketing to design Lauren is a real DIYer (do-it-yourselfer) and offers consumers education from personal experiences. In fact, Lauren Fix is the host and automotive expert for Talk 2 DIY Automotive; a show on the Do-It-Yourself Network (DIY), providing in-depth demonstrations and tips for auto repair.
Lauren is an automotive columnist for The Buffalo News and she appears regularly as a guest expert on shows such as Oprah, TODAY, The View, CNN, CBS, CNBC and FOX News, to name a few. Lauren can be seen from coast-to-coast on local morning and mid-day programs as well. She has written articles and has been quoted in several publications including USA Today, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Woman’s World, Esquire, First for Women, InTouch and Self. She is a contributing editor to Motor Trend, Truck Trend, Hot Rod, and Car Craft.

In addition, Lauren is the author of three automotive books, Driving Ambitions: A Complete Guide to Amateur Auto Racing, The Performance Tire, and “Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car” with St. Martin Press.
Ms. Fix is owner of Automotive Aspects Inc., a consulting firm that provides media consulting and broadcast messaging strategy services. Consequently, she makes a highly credible automotive expert, proving to be been a leader in positive consumer awareness to consumers in the automotive world.
For more information regarding Lauren Fix, please contact Jarrod Holland at (910) 395-9109 or e-mail Or visit for more tips from the coach herself.

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